Our Story | Discover MobKilishi's Journey

The irresistible taste of Kilishi, a traditional Nigerian snack, sparked childhood memories of father-son bonding and cultural heritage in our Co-founder, Dapo. These memories laid the foundation for MobKilishi.

MobKilishi is more than a snack—it's a vibrant blend of rich Nigerian culture, uniting diverse palates in a shared love for this exquisite delicacy. Made from premium cuts of meat sun-dried and roasted in a distinct mix of spices, our Kilishi offers a culinary journey to Northern Nigeria with every bite.

Respecting tradition while upholding high-quality standards, we ensure the authentic Kilishi-making process in our dedicated factory in Katsina. Perfect weather conditions guide our production, and we only ship our Kilishi during the optimal seasons.

From Katsina, our Kilishi is air-freighted to Lagos, packed, and distributed nationwide and globally, sharing a piece of our home with the world. MobKilishi continues its journey, spreading the joy of Kilishi, one bite at a time.