UY SCUTI: Is Olamide the biggest star?

I am an avid Olamide fan. However, in the past few years, I haven't been loyal. His music was not making me feel like it used to. In those years, he has delivered hit singles and stayed consistent, mastering the Nigerian industry.

When his latest offering, UY Scuti, dropped. I was confused at his choice of title as I didn't know better. I thought this was another one to be ignored. At least, He has given us his hit-single Rock and the afro Jamaican vibe on Julie. 

UY Scuti, what's his rationale for naming it that, I wondered. I listen to all Olamide Album when they drop. After searching for it on my apple music and adding it to my music library, I stumbled on the album write-up. Something caught my eye, the reason for the album title, the answer to my first impression of the album.

UY Scuti is the biggest star in our solar system. A colossal star, dwarfing our sun. I had no idea. Suddenly, It hit me. Weakness is not an option for a star. It shines bright. For someone that realizes their true potential, It took a little kid to make Olamide discover this and see his impact. There is no doubt of his influence on the Nigerian market and Internationally.  He shines bright with the biggest stars. In the Nigerian scene, Olamide is a kingmaker.

Being a star is relative, relative to all the ones Olamide is a star, a big one based on his role as a pioneer, the voice of the streets that gave a voice to the streets. Mastery of skills like that requires going through the experience.

It appears to be that there is a new hunger in Baddo, a new rush of energy, and motivation and also honing a sound that is more commercially acceptable around the world. He states, "This is a pop album, and it is way, way above everything I've ever done. He conquered Nigeria, and now it's his time to take on the world.

UY Scuti should weigh up to other albums around it, as the biggest stars in the world match up to other stars and the worlds around it.

A comparison like this is bound to bring the best out of anyone.

Album rating 10/10.