Our Consumer Event at Oriental Hotel: A play-by-play account.

A flier for our consumer event

Mobkilishi Consumer Event at Oriental Hotel: A play-by-play account 

Our consumer event in collaboration with Legacy night was held at the African Bar of Oriental hotel on Sunday, 29th of May 2022. 

A topsy turvy day had started with an early morning trip to pick up a new batch of Kilishi at the airport. Then, the team had to bag up and seal some of this new stuff, all day till evening. 

Few hiccups were encountered on the job -so much for ‘ease of doing business in Nigeria’, but in typical Mobkilishi fashion, we pulled through.

Although, as stated on the fliers, the event was billed to begin at 3 pm, the floor wasn't opened until 4:30 pm. 

Well, we got off to a slow and late start, but gathered pace with some nice recipes and good music, as our MC for the night, Piizle inquired from our guests what the ‘P’ was. 

There was a lot of beef kilishi to enjoy as well as, Important conversations with our distributors and consumers on how to move forward and grow the business. Sharing kilishi, meeting new people and spreading love was a key highlight of the day 

Amidst the laidback and dim-lit scenery, pretty women, good music and of course some tasty beef kilishi, there was an awkward moment, when an approaching Olamide Baddo ( Yes, him!) retorted, “ no pictures” !! when he saw our cameras. 

However, It all drew to a close later in the night, and an eventful day came to an end with all the parties involved leaving with utmost relish and satisfaction. 


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