Original and Alternative ways to enjoy Kilishi .

Kilishi is sun-dried meat whose origin is anonymous. Although, it is indigenous to the northern Hausa people of Nigeria. In recent times, it became a norm for people traveling down south to buy some and present to family and friends as gifts from the north.
However, Over the years, Its consumption has spread across different parts of Nigeria and beyond. Our Kilishi has an original taste peculiar to its Nigerian roots in Northern Nigeria, specifically Katsina.
Made from deboned beef, with each selected muscle sliced into sheets, one-quarter-inch thick for sun-drying.
On the side, a paste made from a mixture of peanuts, spices, salt, ground onions, date palm, tiger nuts, ginger, and other preferred additions.
The dried sheets of meat are then immersed in the paste to coat them, further dried for hours, and then roasted on a wire mesh till dried and have more variety, durability. It could also last for months without losing its original taste, provided the Moisture: Protein Ratio (MPR) is about 0.75: 1 or lower dry enough but not overdry. It keeps harmful bacteria from developing inside the meat.
As much as most people love to snack on it, there are alternative ways to enjoy Kilishi. These include; Kilishi burger, Kilishi Shawarma, Kilishi Sauce, Meatballs, Fried Yam with Kilishi-spiced dip, etc.
An array of these recipes feature at our Tasting and Sales Events.