It is a common saying that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Well, I would argue for changes to be on that list. Growth and evolution are essential.
Since our establishment and launch, we have had quite a few looks for our brand and packs.

Since our inception in 2016, Mobkilishi as a brand ( known as Mobilizers Kilishi) has stood for absolute quality beef jerky!
We are also known for our captivating brand packs that portray our class and style.
We’ve come a long way from the makeshift packs (ziplock with our branded stickers on them) to a branded and well-designed packets that reflect our taste and style in arts and designs.
We’re as excited as you are to unveil our new-look packs.
Our famous beef jerky and your favorite Kilishi now comes in an artistic monochromatic outfit.

Our new white-on-black packs feature conversational art sketches and designs by the talented in-house artist, Tebidod. Grab one from your favorite store.