In the Spirit of Democracy Day: An Appeal to Nigeria's Youth

Greetings, my fellow Nigerians. From the furthest corners of our northern lands to the abundant south; from the eastern sunrise to the western sunset, I speak to you today. Not as an authority figure, but as a concerned citizen. As one of you who hopes to inspire a greater awareness in the hearts of our youth.

In each Nigerian lies a spark, a testament of our proud and resilient spirit. This spark has the potential to illuminate our way to a brighter future. But, it's currently being stifled by a system that seems to value power and privilege more than the well-being of its citizens.

Today, as we honor Democracy Day, let's ask ourselves - how democratic are we truly when our resources are tightly held by a few? Are we really exercising democracy when our discussions and concerns are being manipulated, our attention led astray while our nation slowly deteriorates?

This isn't the democracy our nation's heroes fought for, nor is it the dream our ancestors had in mind. Most importantly, it's not the democracy we wish to pass on to our future generations.

Our strength as a nation lies in our unity. Our collective willpower. Our history tells stories of unyielding courage and resilience. The brave women of Aba who stood against colonial oppressors, the labor unions who fought for workers' rights, the voices that called for unity against tyranny. These aren't just tales of old but legacies we should uphold and continue.

Our focus, conversations, and actions should be aimed at confronting the reality of our nation. Our goal should be to reclaim our nation from a system that has overlooked our needs. The spark of revolution needs to be fanned - not with violence, but with unity, collaboration, and an unflinching demand for justice.

Dear Nigerians, the baton is in our hands. We are the architects of our destiny. Our mission is to shape a Nigeria where equality is a reality, where opportunities are accessible to all. A Nigeria where governmental accountability isn't a myth, corruption is a relic of the past, and our voices resonate with the decision-makers.

As we commemorate Democracy Day, let's pledge to not just celebrate the idea of democracy but strive to actualize it. Let's rise together to reclaim our nation. We are Nigeria's beacon of hope and its future. We must never waver in our mission.

May our shared aspirations grow brighter, our unity stronger, and may the spirit of revolution guide us as we build a Nigeria that truly belongs to all of us.

God bless you all, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.