As millennials are becoming parents and entering the workforce, they are bringing their children along with them. These kids, who have been raised on technology, are now coming of age and will be making buying decisions. And these decisions will be driven by what is convenient. As a marketer chasing the rising generation, how can you adapt your convenience level to win? Here’s what you need to know about Gen-Z shoppers:

1. They are not just digital natives, they are also brand natives.

2. They have been raised on technology and this has shaped their expectations for convenience.

3. To win them over, marketers need to adapt their convenience level to meet the demands of this generation.

To appeal to this Gen-Z demographic, businesses need to focus on convenience. This can be anything from having a user-friendly website to offering click-and-collect or delivery options.

Businesses that don't provide a convenient experience for their customers will likely lose out to competitors who do. So, if you want to win over Gen-Z shoppers, make sure your business is as convenient as possible.

Gen-Z shoppers expect a lot from the brands they buy from, and they’re willing to shop around until they find what they want. The reason for this is quite simple: Gen Z shoppers are the most digitally savvy generation yet, and they want to interact with companies on their terms.

The average Gen-Z shopper is expected to spend $2,986 annually over the next five years. At first glance, that may seem like a huge number. However, it's a very reasonable number when you consider that Boomers will spend close to $7 trillion in the next five years alone, while Millennials will spend $3 trillion.

Gen-Zers are highly engaged on all social media platforms with more than 65% of them using Instagram daily. They have higher expectations for customer service too: if you don't respond to a message within an hour, you can bet that you'll lose them forever. Speaking of customer service… Gen-Zers are also more likely than any other generation to share their bad experience online.

If there's one thing you should take away from all this it's this: when it comes to your business' digital marketing strategy, you need to be prepared for anything! The only way to effectively reach and engage with Gen Z consumers is by creating an effective digital marketing strategy focused specifically on reaching them.