Dancing in the Rain: Mobkilishi‘s Battle Plan for the Rainy Season Ahead

At Mobkilishi, we've always danced to the rhythm of nature's drum. Our kilishi, this savoury, mouth-watering treat, owes its taste and texture to the sun-kissed plains of Katsina. But even in a dance as beautifully synchronised as ours, there are moments of stillness, periods where nature hits the pause button. We're on the cusp of such a period - the rainy season.

As the first drops fall in Katsina and the skies become cloud cloaks, we know it's a sign of changes. The rains, while they nourish the land, pose a unique challenge for us. You see, making kilishi isn't just about using the choicest cuts of beef, it's about creating the right environment for the meat to dry. An environment that's less than 30% humidity, with a stable temperature above 30 degrees Celsius - conditions that the rainy season just doesn't agree with.

In the past, this period meant shortages, a pause on the rhythm of production, and the haunting refrain of supply issues. We've had to condemn batches that just didn't dry well enough, a bitter pill to swallow. But, every rainy season has been a learning opportunity, and this year, we're approaching it with a renewed spirit and determination.

 We've set our sights on ensuring that your favorite Mobkilishi is available throughout the year. To achieve this, we're gearing up to stockpile our production in the coming months. This is where we ask for your unflinching support - we're a small business, and each pack of Mobkilishi you buy doesn't just give you a taste of our heritage, it fuels our growth, it pushes us closer to our goal.

This is more than just a weather update, it's a call to arms. To face the rainy season together, to keep the Mobkilishi spirit burning bright, and to ensure that every day, no matter the weather, you can unwrap a pack of our carefully handcrafted kilishi.

In the spirit of transparency, the road ahead will be tough. There may be speed bumps, but we're committed to navigating this journey with you. We value your loyalty and are immensely grateful for your continued support. Your favorite snack may be weather-dependent, but our commitment to you isn't.

The rains may be coming, but the spirit of Mobkilishi is undampened. We're not just weathering the storm, we're dancing in the rain. Together, we're #RainySeasonReady.

Until the next sunny day,

Mobkilishi Team